How are online slots trustworthy?

People take a lot of time to trust somebody and in the case of online gambling, this trust is very difficult to come by. Many newbies that online gambling sites such as are unfair and non-transparent. The slots of these sites can be rigged. But is all this is true? Carry on reading this article.

Slots and trustworthiness

One of the main reasons why new gamblers distrust slots because of their continued losses. These gamblers thinks that slot owners have rigged their machines so as to rob the gamblers of their monies. Nothing can be farther from the truth. On the other hand, casinos want their players to earn as often as they can.

The reason why many gamblers lose is because they don't understand the rules of their games. Often these players wager on machines that are highly volatile or have low RTPs. Sometimes, they don't bet enough to take advantage of their slots' multiple paylines. It takes just a few minutes to read the slot rules.

Random Number Generators

No licensed online slot is run by humans. Slots are run by complex computer programs called Random Number Generators. Also called RNGs, these programs generate absolutely random numbers and sequences when you play your slot. And these numbers can't be predicted or manipulated. That is why online slots are trustworthy, fair and transparent.

Random Number Generators are monitored by third parties like eCogra. These parties are known for their objectivity, trust and fairness. Many online casinos partner with eCogra. Not just this, gambling regulators like the U.K. Gambling Commission frequently check these RNGs for their fairness, randomness and transparency. Thus, you can say that online slots from licensed casinos are indeed legit.

Online slots and licenses

Why are licenses so important for online slots owners? Because people trust licensed online gambling sites more than other casinos. Receiving a license from a gambling authority is very tough. Online casinos have to clear many tests set by authorities before throwing open their doors to the public. These casinos also have meet very high standards .

  • If you suspect your slots are rigged, contact your gambling regulator

Once a casino receives this license, it can begin its operations from the next day. This doesn't mean that it can start rigging its machines. If this casino is caught rigging its slots, its license would be cancelled and the owner can be sent to jail. That is why all online slots are legit.

Responsible Gambling Practices

Online slots are legit because their owners follow some basic responsible gambling practices. First of all, they ensure that there is a level playing field for all. If some player is using ill-gotten funds for gambling, he is removed from that casinos. He might get reported too. Secondly, no underage gambling is allowed on legit sites.

This means that your online slots remain safe places for gambling. Slot owners will never take advantage of vulnerable gamblers. Not juts that, many clot owners advise players against addiction. If you think that you are playing on slots for long hours and getting addicted to it, yo can block your slot or casino for some time.

RTP and Volatility

Earlier in this article we mentioned slot volatility and RTPs. A highly volatile slot can make you win or lose big chunks of money very quickly. On the other hand, low to moderately volatile slots can help you win small amounts of money over a period. Use this information to choose the right slot.

High RTP slots are those that offer high returns to players over a period. RTP stands for Return to Player and this metric is denoted in terms of percentage. Every responsible online casino will always denote the RTP and volatility scores of all its slots. This also makes your slots legitimate and trustworthy.

Last modified: 22 July 2021